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There are many CRMs on the market but when running a Forex business, it is important to choose one that is able to specifically handle this kind of work. In this video, B2Core Product Manager, Ivan Navodnyy, talks about one of B2Broker’s flagship products, B2Core. We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations.

Crypto gateway is a civilised automated way of making cryptopayments with a user-friendly interface that eliminates human error, simplifies the finance department’s work and client transfers. The superpower of a manual bonus means that you can give it just like that. If a manager wants to give out a bonus, they can do it without setting any conditions. This is a very handy sales tool which often helps in the moment.

For example, in Indonesia, Help2Pay or Fasapay are popular payment systems, while in Namibia, only banks transfers are in use and they need banks details much more than they need payment systems. The more systems are integrated into your CRM, the more clients from different countries will be able to buy your service. Rebates calculation based on forex crm stop trading platforms, marginal trading platfomrs, converters and many more. CTrader is Spotware’s flagship trading platform solution developed by Spotware and a brand trusted by millions of traders worldwide. A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place.

Forex CRM offers the very best in Customer Services!

Through Trade Soft, brokers can access a combination of FX Platform, our fully hosted service, and ultra-low latency connectivity to their choice of liquidity providers. Our FXOD CRM of Trade Soft will guide your agents to carry out the appropriate strategy to engage and capture more leads. As a result, you will sell smarter and expand your business faster even while working from remote location.

Keep a journal on each of your clients which can be used for different purposes such as dealing, risk, legal, etc. Enables you to split access across various departments in order to withhold information from unnecessary eyes. Whitelist the withdrawal wallet to receive outgoing funds to trusted destinations only.

forex crm software

Sales module is a convenient client distribution and multifunctional sales management system for Forex brokers. This sales system was created with specific broker tasks in mind. It has a wide functionality and allows you to manage and analyse sales managers’ performance separately and sales department performance in general. Motivate clients to deposit more, to trade on live accounts, to make trading volumes using the status system and its benefits.

CRM software for your company

The main rule for this bonus is that a client can only receive it once.A welcome bonus is a popular way to generate traffic. The best way to attract a lot of cheap traffic is to offer free money. We have already integrated more than 50 payment systems into our CRM, and new ones are being added all the time.

forex crm software

Financial Licensing We are here to help you to gain the License to set up your FX Brokerage business. How to increase revenue from $2M to $8M in 12 months using an in house sales team without compromising on security, privacy and risk. 1) UpTrader’s crypto gateway has a simple API and easily integrates into any CRM. An intuitive interface makes it simple to use and easy to understand, whether you’re an amateur or professional. We seamlessly integrate any third-party APIs, our system to any platform and of course deploy it to your own server for a more secure effect. As our company is continuously working on new updates, any new feature included in the product will be given at no extra cost.

An unlimited number of wallets are available as per your needs. With an e-wallet, you can get access to your сryptocurrency through any device. Our e-wallet feature enables you to manage both internal and external transfers including transfers from MT4/MT5 to your e-wallet, IB commissions and e-wallet transactions. The finished product was exceptional, very professional and just what I wanted.

CRM Feature

Our FXOD CRM creates detailed reports that include personal trading, marketing and other necessary customer information. Each employee can independently set the necessary data search parameters using a wide variety of filtering options. Intuitive CRM interface allows you to find everything at a glance starting from the inbox. Our system interface is a product of many years of improvement following many top industrial leaders. Flexible workflow setting and role managements enable brokers to customize the system according to their needs. Thus, get a clean overview of your entire sales pipeline or a list of immediate operational needs in a clean visual Inbox.

Thanks to its relative simplicity and rich analytical tool set, most traders choose this terminal to make their first steps on the financial markets. If you are starting a Forex brokerage firm and looking for a reliable Forex solutions provider, just leave a request, and we will design the best offer for you. Please pay attention that we don’t provide financial services on behalf of B2Broker LTD. We provide financial services on behalf of companies that have relevant licenses.

Parts of Forex Broker CRM Software or Solution

Know-Your-Customer is an important procedure for any broker and exchange. We offer ready integration with the leading global KYC providers and can integrate any additional ones. Offer your partners the chance to have dynamic rebates with an adjustable formula calculation.

  • Trading Solutions Intuitive trading and easy to use interface with cTrader and Web Trader.
  • As the FxCRM platform is directly connected with the trader’s room, you can receive the real-time notification of the client’s activity.
  • In this case, the prop trader takes up to 70% of the profits for their speculations, while the company itself gets 30%, even though it provides the money and takes the risk.
  • А client can view all their trading history, including balance operations and pending orders without having to log in to the trading terminal.
  • These legalized documents help you to set up your FX brokerage business as early as possible.
  • Most importantly, the client can transfer money from all trading accounts to the wallet and submit a single withdrawal request instead of having to submit it for each account separately.
  • Over 20 secured and trusted payment gateways are integrated with B2Core for safe and secure payment transactions every time.

According to their preferences in terms of brands, departments, languages, and trading methods, you may classify your consumers. By classifying your leads, you’ll have a better idea of what each customer wants, and you’ll be able to cater your service accordingly. Metatrader 4 Whitelabel features your business with your branded Trading software.This will provide you branded terminal.

Social trading, or copy trading platform

Different types of CRM give all you need for your brokerage while more than recouping its expenditures. According to B2Broker’s website, Trader’s Room changes may be done in four weeks. Having the freedom to tailor your Forex CRM to match your individual needs means that you can provide exceptional service to every client while also feeling at peace with the software you are using. As a result, you will be able to forecast which offers your clients will be interested in at any given point in time. As a business, you must choose which approach is best for each and every customer you have.

forex crm software

Forex Softwares Our advanced Forex Softwares enables you to perform both manual and algorithmic trading at once. EXOD – FIX API Bridge Social trading – forex copy trading system. Business Consulting At TradeSoft, we ensure you meet the jurisdictional requirements to start your business with better consultation. Web Development Create an adaptable and responsive website that enhances engagement for your audience across all device types and watch your business grow exponentially.

Powerful CRM and Trader’s Room

Motivate clients to deposit more using the status system and its benefits. The broker’s staff approves/declines all deposits or withdrawals. Gone are the days when a brokerage company needed just to enter the Forex market, and that meant success.

forex crm software

That is how long it takes to integrate Forex CRM with your MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader or any other trading platform. Their integrated Forex CRM solution helps forex brokers to streamline their brokerage operations, manage day-to-day tasks, provide service to their clients and automate office work seamlessly. Their dedicated broker-end and client-end platforms, managing brokerage operations become hassle-free, seamless, and paperless. Here, users may make trades and address any problems or queries they may have concerning their accounts. We create a custom-designed, Forex Website Design perfectly tailored to your brokerage’s unique needs.

UpTrader Forex CRM will be branded in accordance with your corporate identity and fully customised to suit the needs of your business. If you utilize Pentview software, for example, you’ll obtain comprehensive reports on every single client. So you’ll always know what you can offer your customers and how you can improve their trade experience in the long run. Forex Broker CRM is the second most important fx brokerage solution after the trading software that you need to have when you are running a brokerage business. This module is used to centralise a client’s information and group all trading accounts of a client.

And this is a little tricky question especially when you are starting a forex brokerage business as you have little to no knowledge of brokerage ops. ClickaCRM is run by a team of online sales, marketing, and call center management experts. They firmly believe that the right combination of big data, AI, and lead enrichment will maximize your brokerage business’ true potential. Forex Broker CRM is the backbone of every forex brokerage business. You manage your entire brokerage business with the help of your Broker CRM Software. Brokers using the FXOD CRM system can assign different access levels to partners and internal departments of the company.

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